Tuesday, August 31, 2004


it's strange that this sense of loss pervades when the 28th Olympiad closed just a day ago. it's not that i smashed on my face while hurdling or that i splashed spectacularly while diving to garner a flat zero or that my family will be entirely executed should i not get a medal for my government. i think it's an amalgamation of the intense emotions that's being shown while all these are going on. the disappointment, the ecstatic joy, the tears and the arms thrown freely in air, in victory of course. that spirit it has to be when all one has put in, either pays off on the highest podium of sports or being let-down drastically when all that the athlete has done was to pour in his best. and plus it's 16 days of these emotions that's being brought up to stage over and over again that has its effect. so until 4 years later I guess i have to make do with the completely uplifting, entirely inspirational environment i'm in. tough.

interesting trivia du jour: the word 'personne' in French or person in English is actually negative in itself. Par exemple: Je ne vois personne, absolutely displacing the use of pas when negation is being employed in French. So does that make the French misanthropes?Or why would they in any common sort of sense negatify the whole concept of the 'person'?Just random thinking but it did catch me by utter surprise that there are words in French, especially this one, that contains the whole idea of negation.

August's End

At August's End we have come to engrave onto my time a new page of recorded history that i call mine. A sketchy, debonair atmosphere sometimes staunched by the presence of this unaccomodating humidity around. A discussion of minds, put down in the most laudable of all possible forms of communication. It shall be honest, diligent, fusion of dreamlike beauty with the ugly head of reality and be the fundamental touchstone of this existence we like to term it life. So without too much of the relation of modern-day gloom and the drone of habitual routines for the moment, the sash is cut and my blog (in want of a more archaic and classical mode of expression) shall be set in motion.