Monday, November 28, 2005

Primal Scorch

suddenly one day,
you wake up to a freefall
through scratched skies
splattered by anarchaic clouds
shapeshifting to the
crimes of your mind.

And you land in the
repulsion of free colours-
the once verdure pasture,
now a bleeding harvest
of black and sighing flowers
that bloom out of sympathy.

Your heart screams
in this bleak wilderness of
your stampeded mind-
speaking a language
too foreign to your
sinking consciousness.

While you get shoved
into the reality that what you have been feeling all this while,
are conditioned lies,
brewed by bent education
and betrayed sentiments.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The forecast is finally right

it's snowing! first snow is always exciting, especially since there hasn't quite been snow in my life since 2002 maybe? ya last was at tahoe, good times eh, ek? i was quite the 11 year old boy earlier this morning when i saw snow through my frosted windows and went 'SNOW!' and promptly dashed out without much snow protection, bar the ski cap, and welcomed the snow with arms wide open. even arthur's seat was snow-capped. the feeling's immense, you have to be here to go 'wow'. but i'll post some vicarious snow on here, once i get my lazy arse moving.


Saturday, November 19, 2005

The sun and fretted verdure yielding to the rubicund of face

this is proposterous: minus 5 degrees not in the dead of winter but quite in the vivacity of mid november. the grass didn't even have a chance to wither off, brown in and die off- it's just a vast scene of its verdure blanketted by this cruel frost. no wonder the vikings gave in to the rubicund brought about alcoholised water, i.e. beer, to bring about a false sense of warmth to struggle through winter.

so that's about all i have to update really, dreaded climate. you have to wrap yourself up in a hundread thousand and two layers before you can be in full combat mode to battle off the blistering cold. on days i can be actually wearing next to ski gear to school, 8 minutes away, and be whining about the cold in a heated seminar room. it's really that bad. it's gonna be a harsh winter and that's a gross understatement. but money brings fortune- big part of december would be spent in the mediterraean, Spain and Italy where climates would hopefully be more accommodative. London was surprisingly cold as well but the company and clubs made it all alright. I even bought Four Seasons duck up and had it for lunch for 3 consecutive days, which is salivatingly gorgeous. the train ride up is magnificently picturesque as well so it took a long of hours away.

looks like even i have to yield to the rubicund of face/health, to pull through this inhospitable climate, a meteorological phenomenon for a Singaporean...*brrrr*

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Ikea Effect

when ironies prophesize themselves into reality, it's time to get worried. the ikea effect is bringing about modern day vacations actually becoming more stressful. so in the end people take a few days after their vacation so as to wind down from the 'vacation-stress'- an avant-garde terminology we thought we never see.

if those who still cannot seethe out the approximate idea of the ikea effect on modern day vacationing, it is simply that the DIY concept, pushing prices down et al, is having a reverse effect on what should be a relaxing holiday, conceiving the oxymoron stressful-holiday. to give a most lurid example is my recent trip to paris. the disclaimer is that i had the most amazing time in paris and it's alright in my own opinion but i'm not sure if what i did would be approved by the majority. i rushed about paris, doing up to 3 major attractions in a day, running about the city to make sure i catch them all by 5pm. so in a way, going about alone is good since you never have to hear complaints and incessant whines from parties grudgingly tagging along. but on the flipside, it's fun if you can find company like that, rushing about but yet having fun in this mad rush- the order in anarchy theory. but these people, like real romance and style-with-function cars, come far in between. so say i did notre-dame, le conciergerie, saint chapelle, palais de justice, shopping at boulevard st.germain and had a glimpse of le parthenon all in one day. and get this: i covered 2/3 of musee du louvre in 6 hours. i'm almost gleaming with overarching accomplishments, haha. but to a lot of people, all these seemed like a demented itinerary for a boot camp made in hell.

but Paris is amazing. it's almost like Rome draped in Chanel- history in haute coutre. it might not seem justified but you have to give concessions to the notorious parisien pride- they have truly something amazing to be proud of. nationalism comes from a very innate sense of the love of the land- terra amoureux, so to speak.

the ikea effect is overblown really. at the end u feel that you have seen more, experienced more and taken away more, so what's the harm in that. stress is overrated anyhow, only the truly successful tames it and whips it in shape- because you yourself are the master of all your faculties and the products of your faculties. then again, it might just be the parisien effect trumping this said effect, and marring my judgment. *wink*

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Welcome to my truth

i bet few of you know that Halloween actually originated from Scotland. yes it did, without a vestige of doubt. this is what i call the malediction of americanist-homogenisation. so right now, i think i'm going to exercise a modicum of cultural snobbery and say (even though i'm not from here, but am here now, that's all it matters indeed), "this is of scottish origins, bears no american roots whatsoever". and it makes sense because everywhere in scotland is haunted somehow. the history of the ghosts.

glad we got things cleared up.