Saturday, January 28, 2006

Touch Me Inappropriately

alright, that was just some random pharse i thought i would use to excite some curiosity. now now, sordid thoughts do some exodus.

it's the start of another new year and i thought it pivotal to enter an entry. things have been good so far this year. some nice people met along the way and of course, of paramount importance is my first step into the City with the Freshfields interview in my bag. was rather surprising, given that the 'get-to-know-me' part of the interview lasted a very thorough ten-minute in totality. and of course a bad vibe ensued. but all turned out well in the end and i get to be a pseudo City lawyer for 2 weeks over Easter. it must be an experience to wow-all over. bite me.

it's the first year that i'm gonna not be with my family for the lunar new year. 'tis feels a wee strange but if i'm going to venture into London for my career, i guess i have to get used to it. the most important thing being them safeguarding my ang-paos and not distribute them like a supper of the vultures.=) i'm going to have a reunion of such, of strangers no less, with the other Singaporeans here. it'll be fun, i'm sure, but it's not going to be the same with the people u've spent your life with. habits must be broken some times.

and as an expolation of my asian mood, i went to catch memoirs of a geisha yesterday. if you spare it from the connections with the arthur golden novel, it's actually quite a brillant film in its own rights. i think it reflects enough of what goes on in that epoch to give the audience a good-feel of the life of a geisha. in that manner, it has served its purpose its own stead. cinematography is gorgeous and the score by le maestro, John Williams, is flawless, in swimming up the mood of pre-war Japan, and the undercurrent emotions that sweeps through the movie. it is just seamless, rush to HMV all of you.

tell me all about your individual new year passings. i should grow all jealous but i want to know. happy lunar chinese new year to all you out there and woof woof.=)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

At the Beginning

At this auspicious hour i thought i would enter an entry to announce that i'm all well, despite whatever mishaps i had experienced and whatever joys that have befell upon me.

It's the start of a new year once more. The inauguration of resolutions, the spanking up of ash-dead wishes and the eternal hope of a new year that will be better. And i had been lucky to be in edinburgh. It's been maginificent really- what with the grandieous fireworks, wonderful friends to enjoy them with and the state of being sloshes but still feeling good at the end. Hogmanay was a blast though i must concur that the day prior was better with the Catalan parades and dazzling displays of stilt-walkers dressed as dinosaurs and miscellaneous jesters to make it all that much different from the rest of parades i've witnessed.

the new year, what can i say about it. the past year hasn't treated me bad- i got my exchange, my fair share of parties- a combination of fun and introspection with the aftermaths and friends that has proven to tide with me through thick and thin, that i'm most grateful for. i don't believe in resolutions for either you feel pressured to oblige with them or one just breaks them without the conscious knowledge that it is just simply a poor reflection of one's character with the lack of mental discipline or the likes. i had mishaps and unpleasant people and experiences to boot but we learn to look at the bright side of things- the glass HAS to be half full. it's all psychology and we have to amend our state of minds to deal with bad situations. afterall they pop out right in front of you without notice and rather than sulk at the poor situations that you are presented with, might as well make the best out of a bad circumstance. it's idealistic but really, in this disappointing world we live in, it's the best one can manage. like my trip to italy with my gorgeous camera pickpocketed from me, I have to look back and realise that I have been to pisa, firenze, roma, verona, venezia and padova all in one trip and they have been pretty places that few can aspire to go to. i have been lucky really and what money can solve, are no problems at all. my mum and certain friends have mentioned that the best memories u can keep are the ones in your mind. so there we go.

anyhoo, here's a happy new year to all who's been so kind as to read this. festive hugs to all and i must say, it has been a gorgeous year, thanks to all the members who have made it so and here's a toast to another fantastic year ahead. sante!