Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Left me a cold Hkurkey

next time i quip 'those were the days', i shall fondly remember this Hong Kong trip. it has been quite a while since i partied hard for 4 days in a row, met up with some wonderful friends and made others in the process that might be just that for some time to come, and one that i almost knew who uses another as his spokesperson. i crazed myself out, drenched in unadulterated, hedonistic fun, without a shred of earthly worry, and came back paying back my dues. but what the heck, it was all worth it and some people really made this wildly wonderful, i can never thank enough. you know yourselves, give that hearty pat on your back once more.

funny thing is shopping did not do me in this time- i think the general populace must be fanatically shocked/proud of me, since all i bought were stomach fillers and a lacoste limited edition polo tee and there's that! i've signed my brand new visa at a grand tally of one, solitary time. yes you still have me, unflinching die-hard HK shopper, the most vocal advocate of HK shopping tourism, but this time i just couldn't bring myself to spending unnecessarily. and still yes, we're talking about ethan in HK, alice in wonderland and what allegory of me have you not in good ol' HK. but part of the reason is because i just needed the time to get my system up and running again for more partying, hence not much time allocated for shopping. within the span of 4 night-become-day days, i've been to Volar and Drop (the members' only clubs which S was so kind to saunter me in so carefreely), and the 2 rave parties which were downright diiirrrty, the way parties on a vacation should be anyway. dragged myself to meet family on Sunday for dim sum lunch and that was pure torture. i was still reeling from certain medicated effects plus alcohol and everything was a daze to me. my cantonese was in barely functional mode and all i really wanted to do over lunch was to plunge my head into the table in front of me. lucky the baked cheese cod fish rice, macau style was not too shabby. good food helps a tad even in the most desperate of moments.

wish i had photos of anything really but i only realised i didn't take anything when i was on board home. i guess that's indication enough of how much fun i had huh? and now as i cold storage my fun in the fridge of financial accounting, evidence and securitization, i am left stranded a cold turkey waiting for my next injection of miss kong.

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Princess Pan said...

sortong!! i miss u while u are in cambodia!!:) so i m leaving a note here.. :)